Wednesday, September 5, 2007


How does that sound for a birthday?

Just in case Baby Westy does not come on her own beforehand, we have scheduled a c-section for NEXT THURSDAY, 9.13.07 (yes... it seems so far away... at least to my body...). For those keeping track, this will be one day into week 39 and is already baby's Aunt Katy's birthday. For those in When Will Baby Westy Come? pools, please note that we did not pick this date - rather, the MDs and their surgery schedules did. Honest! We're keeping our fingers crossed that she'll decide to come sooner!

After a battery of tests at yesterday's appointment, it appears as if Baby Westy is still thriving in my belly (praise God!)... and as if she is still a big girl. The MDs aren't convinced about the accuracy of the size estimates (they say my belly doesn't look/feel as big as she's measuring)... so we're just saying she's big enough to warrant a c-section. And we will all be surprised at her actual size on her birthday (maybe we should start some pools for this)!

So for now, here's the latest update on my growing belly, and our growing baby (I think the belly scared Jonathan, our 'pseudo-brother' and childhood neighbor):

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Sally said...

I never did say congrats on the pregnancy! You're almost there, hang in there. Your belly looks big, but you don't (to me). I can understand that just-get-this-baby-out-of-here feeling of discomfort at the end. It's true that God totally knows what He's doing, your baby will be SO worth it. You can see my huge belly in the 37 week pic here. (I had Blake at 37.5 weeks, even though Nathan was born at 40 weeks! You never know..) We'll be praying for a safe delivery.