Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Goodbye Room 1114!

Ally & Elynor getting acquainted (so far, so good...)

Our sleepy burrito

Yay! After a stop at Dairy Queen (yummmm... 5 days of hospital food created some cravings) we arrived home yesterday around 4pm. Elynor slept contentedly in her car seat the entire trip - even through the terrible Lake Shore Drive pot holes and some squeaky breaks. Thanks to the tremendous support of our in-home housekeeper/nurse/au pair, Grandma Cochrane, we are slowly getting into a groove of this new thing called parenting.

Many thanks to all who have called and emailed over the past several days. Your encouraging words and well wishes mean so much - especially in the moments when we feel clueless about what we're doing. It would be difficult to get back to everyone in a timely manner, so please don't be offended if a personal reply does not come until October. :) Over the next few days we hope to savor the down time getting to know Elynor, introduce her to Ally, and establish a routine/get some rest. We're thinking we'll be up for some visitors starting late in the week - so be in touch then!


Liz Mouse said...

Congrats! and Wow! She is beautiful, such great hair and big cheeks already. You'd think she was 2 months old. You can say good bye newborn clothes and hello to 3-6 month sizes! I hope momma is recovering and that breastfeeding is going well. Stick with it! Have you heard about the lower lip flip?

Sunshine Eyes said...

She's just BEAUTIFUL! Love those killer cheeks! :) And you guys look so calm in the pictures... I just remember how clueless we felt about everything at this point in Brooks' life and I'm sure I can see my own panic in the first few photos.

But it does get easier, I promise! I'm glad you've had some helpful extra family hands this week. Remember to take care of yourself - ie, SLEEP as much as you can!! :)

love and hugs from the UK