Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tough 12 Hours

She's currently sleeping in her Moses basket (thanks for sharing this Luke DuPuy)... which is good, because she didn't sleep much last night. Since about 6pm yesterday evening our clockwork little girl broke out of her beautiful pattern of eating and sleeping cycles - replacing them with fussing, screaming, and resistance to sleep. Though she seemed asleep in our arms, every time we tried to lay her in her crib, she freaked out.

I'm hoping this stretch is due to us mixing up the schedule in order to go to small group last night (our first feeding on the go, which took place in the back seat of the car... just a little bit awkward) and the gas she seemed to have, which I think can be blamed on the Potbelly Italian sub with giardiniera pepper mix that I ate for dinner (lesson learned).

Huge thanks to Grandma Westrom for staying up with Elynor during her fussy nighttime.
Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that we have a better day and night today.

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