Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's candy corn season!

Labor Day must mark the start of Halloween season in the retail industry. I was somewhat startled by the transformation in my neighborhood Walgreen's when I stopped in last Friday. But just when the annoyed thoughts (Is it really necessary for that goofy goblin head to howl at EVERY person who walks by?!, How early will they put this stuff out next year... after July 4th?, Do people really put their kids in those itchy costumes?) reached a boiling point in my head... I stumbled upon a little gold mine! Yes, there at the end of the aisle the small orange bags seemed to glow in a spotlight only I could see. All annoyed thoughts quickly dissipated as I unexpectedly entered into one of my favorite times of year - CANDY CORN SEASON!

I used restraint on Friday and only purchased a 2 small bags - the Autumn Mix (a lovely blend of standard & chocolate candy corn with mellow pumpkins) and a newcomer to this wonderful season, a Carmel Apple flavored candy corn. I couldn't get through the checkout line and to my car fast enough. It was there, to the sound of an end-of-summer rain storm, that I enjoyed my first tastes of this season's candy corn bliss. The Autumn Mix was amazing - perfectly sweet and chewy, as always. And while I was skeptical, the Carmel Apple could be a new favorite. I'm still working on the golden ratio, but I'm thinking 1 carmel apple kernel to 1 mellow pumpkin to 4 or 5 plain/chocolate corn kernels is the perfect sweet tooth fix. Fortunately, I have a few months to perfect this combo.

For those wondering how you feel about a woman with diabetes celebrating candy corn season, never fear... last I checked, corn, pumpkins, and now, apples, count toward my daily vegetable & fruit intakes. :)


AKA said...

mmmmmmm, I may have to stop at the store on the way home from work. The mellow pumpkins are my favorite thing about fall!

Christan said...

I am with you - I already ate a whole bag by myself last week. I decided I cannot keep candy corn in the house or I will eat it all. I love it too much! I have resorted to storing it at a co-worker's desk so she can monitor my daily intake. :)

SheWesty said...

amy, didn't your mom save lots of mellow pumpkins for you to have when you returned from australia?

christan, so funny. what i failed to say in my post is that i start the season off with a bang, mid-way hit a point where i have to ban the purchase, but by the end, i stock up on the post-halloween sales. does your coworker have the magic corn locked up?

Christan said...

No locked drawers, but gentle reminders of how much I am eating. This stuff is addicitve. And I have come to realize you either really love it or really hate it. But, I do stock up so I have some after the halloween season, but I think I am on the same track as you. I try to ban it, but often fail. I mean, I could eat this stuff for breakfast if Todd wasn't home to restrain me in the mornings. But, I love that they make fresh candy corn for the Easter season these days. It's like a little treat every 6 months! I hope the baby loves it someday, too! :)